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Bullied Kids and HowIt Affects Their Future

It might have come to your notice that your child has a sullen face or is facing trouble in eating their food or is suffering from serious psychological issues, which you are unable to understand.

One of its reasons might be that they are being bullied. Violence and aggression among kids are not just limited within the school campus, it has also entered the cyber world and many children are falling victim to it. There are efforts being taken at the schools and colleges, these days but know what you, as a parent should do.

Teach them the difference between Joke and Bullying 1024x683 - Bullied Kids and HowIt Affects Their Future

Teach them the difference between Joke and Bullying:

Children at times are confused about what bulling is. Take the opportunity and make them aware. There exists a difference between joking, being mean and bullying. When someone takes undue advantage of a person despite being told several times that accounts to bullying. Fooling around unintentionally is all right. Describing scenarios and ways to tackle them you can make your child aware. Also it should be noted that they are not the ones who bully others.

Use Media as your Aid:

There are news about incidents of harassment and humiliation in the papers, on the Internet and on television. Enquire if any such situation took place around your child. Teach them the value of humanity so they don’t turn out to be a bully as well as demonstrate situations and learn how they might tackle such an issue. Discuss and offer guidance as well. Opening up and learning about your child’s life would make your bond even stronger.

Nurture the Parent Child Relationship - Bullied Kids and HowIt Affects Their Future

Nurture the Parent-Child Relationship:

Your children look up to you, so it becomes your responsibility to look to their needs. If they are unhappy you got to resolve the issue. Talk to them, have a meal together, give them the time and let them know they are cared for. Even keep a notice at their online activities without hampering their privacy, in spite of backtalk and drama. You being involved in their lives and caring about them would bring about a big positive difference in them.

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