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Child Development and Education

A liberal education for every child is at the heart of a civil society, and at the heart of a liberal education is the act of teaching. The development of a child depends upon his education. Moreoever, we should be concerned about the education of a child as much as we are concerned about their health.

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At first, we should not baffle with the concept of education. Education is not only about sending our kids to school and get them books to read or to solve mathematics problems. We need to teach them moral values too like:

  • Never tell a lie
  • Respect girls, parents and teachers
  • Keep your city clean
  • How to behave in public
  • Self discipline many more.

Our thoughts become opinion and accordingly our opinion becomes action. Therefore, we should surround themselves with a positive environment. When negativity exceeds the positivity inside our body, then we start entering to the lonely world of depression. Moreover, it leads to the degradation of our physical health. Now you can imagine what blunder it can bring to our child’s development. In addition to depression, it may lead our children do sinful acts. This is why moral education plays a vital role in the character development of our children.

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The development of a child is measured by their attitude, not by their physical health. Yes, physical strength and condition do have its importance, but when proper development is considered, mental stability and attitude matters. It’s not our aptitude but its our attitude towards the problem that decides our altitude.

Our kid’s learn what they see. If we are smoking or drinking in front of our children, then sometime and someday in his life, he’s also going to try those bad habits. In addition to these, there are more immoral acts in which they’ll enroll themselves and we won’t be even aware of that. Once they’ll get used to of these habits, sooner it will start eating the health of our child, hindering the extent of development.

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Development goes hand in hand with the education. We can’t expect our child to be intelligent just because he/she scores good in his/her exams. May be, they just memorize the content of books and don’t have any practical knowledge. How will they prepare themselves for the great competition when they’ll step out of their comfort zone? Bookish knowledge has its own extent of limitations. We need to prepare them for that, and hence we should be concerned about their education as well as their mental and physical development.

This seems an easy task, but it’s not that easy. Bad influence can spoil their life. This is why we should be aware of people whom they consider their friends. We should maintain a balance between the ratio of being friendly as well as showing strictness to them.

As long as we are concerned more about their development and education instead of their training, bad influence won’t affect them. However, for this we need to take care of certain things and we have to do that. I guess, this is the real meaning of preparing them for the future and an ideal parenting.

About Yezdan ASIL

Child Development Specialist. I finished a university child development specialization department. I teach at a private school.

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