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Childhood Growth and Development Stages

Is your child on track to reach childhood growth and development stages?

Early child development can be a confusing time for both parents and children, the quality of the developmental programs set children up for lifelong outcomes and consequences. Most children reach developmental milestones within a similar age range and parents looking to understand what to expect from their child and how to best meet their needs can use this article as a guide to understand how to design developmental programs that will support childhood growth and development stages.

The Stages of Infancy - Childhood Growth and Development Stages

The Stages of Infancy

From birth to 3 months children your baby should be developing cognitive and motor skills. They will be kicking and stretching, grasping your finger, and responding to sudden noises. Child development at this age will see baby smiling, visually tracking objects or people, reaching and grasping for objects, and they have most likely found their feet and hands!  By the sixth month childhood growth and development stages have moved into being social and they have gained a sense of purpose for movements. This is an excellent time to begin working with your youngster in a developmental program that will support his or her sense of curiosity and inquiry about their surroundings.

Toddler and the Terrible Twos - Childhood Growth and Development Stages

Toddler and the Terrible Twos

Typical child development of the toddler will see your baby maturing socially. They will be more aware of their surroundings and their own behaviors. For this reason, developmental programs should be focused on active engagement, as your little one is eager to learn and has begun using words and facial expressions words to communicate. They love being read to and games that allow them to pretend and move around, A LOT! At this time, childhood growth and development stages is on track if your toddler is feeding themselves, solving simple problems, walking, and even climbing! Watch out!!

Three to Six Year Olds 1024x554 - Childhood Growth and Development Stages

Three to Six Year Olds

This is the childhood growth and development stages that your child is experiencing big changes in the intellectual, emotional, and social skills. They can be found exploring, opening doors, asking questions, and maintaining their attention span for longer periods of time. No doubt that Child development at this phase of life means learning to be friends, sharing ideas, and following rules. That is why, developmental programs at this age are often more formal, as children are entering pre-school and kindergarten.

From the time of birth, your child is learning. Some children develop faster or slower than other children but the reach milestones around the same time. If you have any concerns about your child’s development, their doctor is the first resource to turn to.

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