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Creating a Good Back to School Routine

Far behind, you can hear the Christmas bells chiming at a distance in your ears, and your lovely children are still immersed in the merry feeling of Christmas and New Year. The clock is however ticking away and it’s almost Monday and you are scared that how you would beat up the Monday morning blues once again.

So how do you create back to school routine for your children? How can you get them to go back to school smiling and happy? This is a routine that you can follow to send your children back to school.

Deciding when to arise - Creating a Good Back to School Routine

Deciding when to arise

It is important that your children get a good night’s sleep if they have school early in the morning. Ensure that they are tucked up in bed early so that they can have a full 8 hours of sleep so that they can wake up feeling wake, rejuvenated and less nagging. Start getting your children ready half an hour ahead of time, as they would be a little cranky on the first day.

Give them a good breakfast 1024x576 - Creating a Good Back to School Routine

Give them a good breakfast

A good breakfast is a must before heading for school. Try giving them a healthy and a nutritious meal comprising or milk, oats and cereals, fruits like bananas, strawberries and chocolate chip cookies and an egg or so. A good breakfast would definitely make them happy and smile. Do not forget to pack them a good lunch box with their favorite healthy and nutritious meals.

after school activities - Creating a Good Back to School Routine

Schedule after school activities

Try and schedule some great after school activities that can actually make your children enjoy school and look ahead of the same. Try and avoid television and computer games. Instead, try out some activities like art and craft, some dance and music lessons and some no fire cooking classes.

These would help your children to go back to school happy and enjoy their school hours as well.

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