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Developmental Programs For Toddlers

Child development indicates the way children learn, interact, and acquire knowledge from their surrounding environment and Developmental Programs can help them discover their world. Children meet specific developmental milestones that comes from their learning experiences. Parents wanting to help their toddlers explore and learn in a safe and loving environment have opportunities for Developmental Programs which meet their endless curiosity and energy. Child development in memory, concentration, attention and perception can be done by including fun activities into the toddler’s everyday routine.

Developmental Programs for Toddlers from Home

Singing and Rhyming - Developmental Programs For Toddlers

Singing and Rhyming:

Sing-a-long songs and nursery rhymes will help your child develop language and music literacy and studies show that these types of activities will set your child up for educational success and emotional wellbeing, later in life. So, sing lots of songs and encourage your toddler to sing along with you to promote memory and word identification.

Learning Letters and Counting 1024x576 - Developmental Programs For Toddlers

Learning Letters and Counting:

Another favorite developmental program that mothers can do for the infant to toddler age group is practicing the alphabet letters and counting numbers. You can incorporate this practice with your toddler’s everyday routine. For example, in our home, we love to identify objects by its alphabet letter and then count how many of the objects are there. So, at lunchtime, if you are preparing soup you can help your child’s development by asking them what letter does soup begin with? S, of course! Now, how many cans of soup are there?? 3!

This not only teaches your youngster vital concepts to his early learning, but it is a fun practice that can be done just about anywhere! This activity can be extended by adding colors and shapes to the inquiry. (e.g. What color is the soup can? What shape is the soup can?)

The Researcher 1024x683 - Developmental Programs For Toddlers

The Researcher!

Toddlers are natural investigators, so what better way to inspire child development than to ask questions!? A developmental program does not need to be costly or done by professional educators. Simply asking your child questions during normal routines will help them problem solve and connect with their world. You may find yourself asking, “Which toy should we put away first” or “Why is it important to wash out hands?”. Remember, the goal is not asking difficult questions, rather it is helping out your child’s development in fun and lasting ways.

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