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For Difficult Family Members an Easy Mnemonic

With your relatives it is almost difficult to set a strong boundary. It is really get hard to stand for yourself as because there is something about the family. There is an easy mnemonics that can help you to avoid any unhealthy situation with your family.

You should never justify, or argue, or defend, or explain with a relative, this can take you to a way where you can have peaceful existence with your family.

No justifications are needed 1024x577 - For Difficult Family Members an Easy Mnemonic

No justifications are needed

If there is nothing to do, then use the method where you do not have to justify anything. You do not have explained about the selection of you. As an adult you are free to do whatever you want and you think the best for you. Whenever there is a question arise about your selection then make it clear with your relatives.

Avoiding arguments

If there is a situation when your relatives started to argue with you, try to be calm and firm. You should remember that the family argument would not give you anything positive. Just say that you don’t want to argue with anyone. Try to make your point.

Defensive is not preferable - For Difficult Family Members an Easy Mnemonic

Defensive is not preferable

There is a clever way to control the conversations is to defend yourself as well as your decisions. Picking an argument, this is actually the sophisticated way. Whenever you are able to show a logical reason behind your actions, your family members will get new way to attack you. So don’t try to defend yourself.

Don’t explain yourself

If you explain yourself then you can feel small. So avoid explaining yourself and try to skip the topics and distract your family members to other conversation. This is the best idea to stop creating an unhealthy atmosphere.

Everyone should remember that family time is all about of love, togetherness, and acceptance.

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