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Holiday Season and Kids

Holidays are all fun and frolic, but keeping the youngest member of your house engaged and entertained becomes a task. Being the fickle minded they are they would obviously get easily bored or cranky.

One hand you are busy with all your decorations and cookies while your child is sulking around. So we bring to you a few easy ways to keep your kids all happy and bouncy and your hands free.

Engage them in the Preparation:

This holiday season you always have your hands full and your kids to become a handful. So why not put the little elves to work along with you. Cooking and decorations are artistic. So your kid can turn into the cookie cutter expert or the tree decorating in charge. This would not only keep them engaged and happy but also would awaken a sense of duty in them. And what is the harm in a home with a kid’s décor theme or a slightly misplaced icing on the cake.

Make them learn a new skill - Holiday Season and Kids

Make them learn a new skill:

Holidays are a long time and the wisest way to engage your child would be to make them learn something new. Be it violin lessons or dance classes or football practice go with your choice. It is also important to know your child’s interest in the activity. It would be unjust to put on something on their shoulder just for the sake of it for neither would they like it nor would they learn.

Vacations or Camps are always an option - Holiday Season and Kids

Vacations or Camps are always an option:

Going on a small trip or a long holiday or even camping is a good choice. Family time is important and these occasion does not only let the younger ones have fun but also awakens the child in you. So chose your destination, plan your stay and venture out to an experience full of adventures, this holiday.

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