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Mother- Child Bond: Importance In Child Development

God could not be everywhere and so He created mothers. True that! As per Chuck Smith, a Kansas State University child development expert, it is a wonder that a child naturally gravitates towards mother. It is the mother’s love that creates an understanding of the world for the child and helps in building of new relationship.

Mother child bond - Mother- Child Bond: Importance In Child Development

Mother-child bond

A mother shares different bond with her children than the father or the grandparents and that is primarily based on the biological connection. As a result, children begin to associate their feelings and emotions with the recognition and experience of that bond. Researchers till date have not fully understood the power of that connection. The best cited example of the mother child bond can be well illustrated at the time of any injury. It is the natural instinct of the child to run towards mother, provided both the parents are present.

Importance of the mother child bond - Mother- Child Bond: Importance In Child Development

Importance of the mother- child bond

Role of mother in child development particularly impacts the social, emotional as well as overall development of the child. A child looks upon a mother as he grows and matures. This typically influences the character and attitude of the child. A mother teaches her son how to respect women by setting an example of her relationship with the father. Similarly, she mentors and becomes a role model herself for her young daughter who, in future, will become a woman.

Mother’s love impact on brain - Mother- Child Bond: Importance In Child Development

Mother’s love: impact on brain

Researchers have found out an impressive correlation between early social experiences and the volume of the amygdala. This regulates the processing and memory of emotional reactions. Also, nurturing mothers have kids with larger hippocampus volumes. Children brought up in a nurturing environment perform better at schools and in later life. So, basically it has been proven that a mother’s nurturing not only influences the overall development but also physically changes the brain.

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