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Some Original Rules of Discipline That Work

Many moms have reported that they had made numerous bad rules over the decades that they were moms. They include irrational threats to going against human nature. However, they have also reported of rules that had worked better than they had contemplated. Such made-up rules are built on an internal common sense that cannot be categorized easily. However, their clearness and enforceability are what make them work.

Some of these aren’t, strictly, rules, and are affirmations of policy or reality. And all of them can be remembered easily. Below, we elaborate on some of the rules that many moms prefer.

You cannot be in that room children discipline rule 1024x532 - Some Original Rules of Discipline That Work

You cannot be in that room while I’m working except when you work, also

Though it may appear strange, numerous moms are not concerned about cleaning floors, doing laundry, / really any sort of housework. However, they do not like it when their kids, unaware of the fact that her arms are filled with their underwear, ask her to get them their missing toy shoe or complete a brainteaser with them.

Finally, one day, they thought up a rule that takes a couple of key facts about children into consideration:

  • What they really wish is to be with their moms as much as feasible.
  • Moms are unable to compel them to help her in any way that’s really helpful.

The mom told their kids that it was not mandatory that they help her but they were not allowed to simply sit and keep staring. They must go elsewhere. They opted for the first option.

This rule works as the children do what they choose and thus it gives them control in a subtle way.

This rule helps your kids spend quality time while being with you.

I dont work after 8 p.m. children discipline rule - Some Original Rules of Discipline That Work

 I don’t work after 8 p.m.

Moms can’t just declare a rule to their children that say that Bedtime must go smoothly such that they can take the much needed a break when a day comes to a close. It is not going to happen. However, if the moms flip the dilemma and create a rule about themselves rather than telling everybody what they must do, everything falls precisely—and amazingly—into place.

Manu moms just stated to their kids the Department of Labour of USA had just declared a new regulation and they were not permitted to do any sort of mom jobs following 8:00 PM.

They state that their children developed a fresh consciousness of time.

We dont squabble about money children discipline rule - Some Original Rules of Discipline That Work

We don’t squabble about money

This is a rule that must be enforced every time to work. However, the fundamental deal is that parent can tell their kids yes /no on any purchase that is requested, but they don’t discuss it. In the event of the kids protesting they must simply repeat, coolly, like a hymn, that they are not going to squabble about money.

What this rule does is makes the kids understand what is good and what is not good for them. It also instils a sense of discipline in them.

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