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You Should be Aware of Doing Common Bedtime Mistakes

If your child is not sleeping when they should sleep then you must identify some mistakes that you are making unknowingly. You should concern about that mistakes and try to avoid them otherwise this typical scenario would cause misery.

Not sticking to a routine - You Should be Aware of Doing Common Bedtime Mistakes

Not sticking to a routine

If there is any regular routine for bedtime then your child will be really benefitted. You should help them to go to bed an hour before to sleep. You must dim the light; create a calm and quiet atmosphere by stopping energetic play. You can also try some gentle music. Story telling can also help your children to become relax and give them a sleepy night.

Enough exercise in the day 1024x538 - You Should be Aware of Doing Common Bedtime Mistakes

Enough exercise in the day

If you notice that your child has excess energy then you have help them to do exercise in the daytime. Whenever possible encourage them for outdoors playtimes, when they have space children move more. If there is no space for them to go outside then you can encourage them to do exercise.

Inconsistent rules

If your child does not want to go for bed in time then you must tell them that they will miss some interesting story. You must not give them treats such as candies, sweet drinks, because these can spoil the habit of your child. Give them a quick hug rather than long cuddles. It is enough to show your care. Don’t allow them to play again before going to bed.

Always try to use reinforcement that is positive rather than any negative consequences. During school week if they go to bed on time regularly then they become habituated to go to bed and sleep timely. As an encouragement you can also use other privileges.

There are side effects if your children don’t get enough sleep such as they become tired and unhappy. You must encourage staying awake before going to bed.

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